5 Things Our Guides Want You to Know About Snowshoeing
Banff Snowshoeing Race with Discover Banff Tours

Try it once, you’ll be hooked!

Snowshoeing on a Discover Banff Tours’ snowshoe tour is the best winter way to truly take in the scale, depth, sights and sounds of a Canadian Rockies winter. Unless you come armed with a snorkel and ready to work hard, we suggest you explore the deep snow via snowshoes. So what do our guides want you to know before you go? Well, we asked, and they answered.

1. It’s easy, unless you try running

Snowshoeing is arguably the most accessible winter adventure out there.  Deep snow begs for off the beaten path trekking in places that are normally off limits in summer to protect the fragile flora and fauna below. Switchback up hills, jump into snowbanks, enjoy sun-kissed mountain peaks, and take in the fresh mountain air.   And it’s super easy.  Unless you’re running.  No running – unless you plan to faceplant.  Oh yes, did we forget to mention there’s an optional race, if you want to run, and faceplant?

Take an easy Banff snowshoeing tour with Discover Banff Tours in the Canadian Rockies

2. How do snowshoes ‘float’ on snow?

A quick Physics lesson.  It’s all about weight distribution.  Snowshoes work by increasing your shoe surface space, which in turn, redistributes your body weight over a larger snow area.  So while you might sink through snow wearing only your boots, a pair of snowshoes can allow you to walk almost effortlessly.

Wear comfortable snowshoes on a winter snowshoeing tour with Discover Banff Tours in the Canadian Rockies

3. It’s a tool inspired by nature

Snowshoes are yet another man-made tool that is inspired by nature.  Dating back to around 4,000-6,000 years ago, snowshoes have been used to assist travel in snowy winter conditions.  So I wonder who first noticed the snow hare’s long feet with bushy fur that allows it to dash across the top of the snow, faster than their predators forced to punch through the snow?  Find out what other animals can float on snow.

Walk through fresh snow on a Banff snowshoeing tour with Discover Banff Tours in the Canadian Rockies

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Banff Snowshoeing Race with Discover Banff Tours
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4. You’ve earned your apres

Did we mention the workout? You’re on holidays, we get it – so that’s why you can pair it up with some apres at the Banff Avenue Brewing Company. Snowshoe stompers can burn 400-1,000 calories! Don’t believe us? Try breaking trail in the deep snow and you’ll see.

Apres beers at Banff Ave Brewing Company in Banff
Photo Credit: Jamie Walter @jwalter1337

5. A tasty treat to top it off

Two words. Maple. Taffy. Need we say more? The sugary treat is included on our snowshoeing tours and made right before your eyes using all natural Rocky Mountain snow.

Maple Taffy Treat on a Banff Snowshoe Tour with Discover Banff Tours

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