Here’s what some of our previous staff members say about us…

I spent two and half years as a tour guide working for Discover Banff Tours in beautiful Banff National Park. During my time I guided interpretive hikes, snowshoe and ice walk tours as well as driving tours around the town and National Park.  I was also driving and guiding

multi-day tours which would lead me from Calgary to Victoria with stops in areas such as Whistler, Kelowna and Nelson in between. I really enjoyed the flexibility and diversity between work weeks and shifts. The days go by extremely fast while out guiding and keeping up with the excited tourists. It’s a lot of independent work which keeps you on your toes while dealing with people excited to be spending time with you in the Rocky Mountains.

Nate Clark, Apprentice Hiking Guide, Scenic and Multi-day Tour Guide, 2015

Well, with us being so busy the summer is whipping by and sadly that means my brief time is almost up here at Discover Banff Tours. I will be heading back to my regular career as a principal the middle of August.

Rose, I just want to say that this has been the most fun I have had in a job in over 30 years! Driving through the mountains, seeing all the animals and scenery every day, and talking with visitors from five or six countries on my bus every tour has been awesome!

As I have trained and supervised dozens of new teachers over the years I know a bit about what good training is and the training you and your team provides to new drivers and guides is the best in this business. It is also the people here that makes DBT a great place to work.

Everyone really does work well together and it is great to see so many young people growing and gaining responsibility – driving 24 and 29 passenger buses, being responsible for all of our visitors and getting them to their vacation destinations on time, safely and being able to experience the scenery and the animal life with the interpretive skills we have all developed has been most impressive to me.

From the guides and the detailers to the OPS team, sales, management our owner and the great crew at reservations (and any group I missed!) this has been a great  team with which to work.

I have told a number of parents on my tours and their older children that if they are looking for a job, no matter what country they live in, there is lots of work in the Banff area and DBT is one of the best places to work. It is a great place for young people to mix and meet people from all different countries and DBT exemplifies that tremendous cultural mix.

It has been great working at DBT and I will miss you and the rest of the team. I hope that I will be able to work here in the summers to come because while it is a demanding job with great responsibility, it is also like taking a scenic holiday right alongside our visitors to the Park.

What an awesome experience this has been! Thanks for trusting in me to do this job.


Alan Pogson, Scenic Tour Guide, 2015

I just wanted to tell you how much fun it was working with all of you in the past 5 years. I am happy I met all of you and made lots of friends while being part of a very professional team that allowed me to grow as a guide.

I’ll remember every retreat, every road trip, every big event and every time one of you stepped up to help me when I needed it. Sometimes it’s easy to forget about it when the work hours accumulate, but DBT really is a family for its employees.


Jeff Samson, Professional Interpretive Guide, Scenic Tour Guide, 2014

I wanted to write a quick email saying thanks for having a bit of faith in me earlier on in the season and hiring me, had a great summer, was fortunate enough to get paid to see the Rockies and saw some truly awesome sights and also had my best tour guide ever moment with those two disabled passengers bear hugging me…thats how you thank a tour guide!!

I hope to visit again, climb some more and also see some of the snow, best of luck to everyone and DBT for the future

Dan Fincham, Apprentice Interpretive Guide, 2012

This year was my first summer working as a Tour Guide with Discover Banff Tours. I’ve really enjoyed guiding people around the Rocky Mountain National Parks and passing on my knowledge of the area. It’s always a great feeling to show people from around the world the beautiful landscapes throughout the Rockies.

There are definitely moments where I think to myself that I’m pretty lucky to be getting paid to work as a tour guide. I’ve been fortunate enough to take people around the Rockies and show them all the hotspots like the Columbia Icefields, Lake Louise and Moraine Lake.

My favourite part of guiding this summer would definitely have to be taking people out on guided hikes.  I’ve always believed that the best way to get connected with an area is to get out on foot and explore. It’s awesome to be able to take people out hiking and get them to really appreciate the landscape around them. For some people, hiking can seem quite gruelling but I always tell people on my hikes that the views we get at the end of the trail are worth the effort. In my opinion there’s no better feeling than looking back and seeing what you’ve accomplished.

Looking back, it’s hard to believe that my summer has come to an end and I’ll be back in school in a few weeks. I’ve definitely enjoyed my experiences in the Rockies and I know I’ll be back to explore some more.

Mike Guindon, Apprentice Interpretive Guide, 2011