Stress-free Snowshoeing in Nature’s Silent Season
Snowshoeing Tour to Marble Canyon with Discover Banff Tours

One of our best activities for family adventure in Banff is snowshoeing.

With our tours in Kootenay National Park, you not only get to explore this neighbouring national park, but you stomp around completely care and stress-free.

Although snowshoeing has a long history of exploration in the mountains, it is a winter activity that requires no previous experience and is good for the whole family. Snowshoeing is step-in easy and allows full enjoyment of your surroundings without having to learn a new sport or technique. Upon arriving at our destinations full of deep fluffy white stuff, our guests soon realize just how fun frolicking around here can be!

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Unexpected, yet welcomed by our guests is the complete and utter silence of nature in winter. Deep snow muffles sound while being immersed in a silent winter wonderland heightens your senses. Our tours take you through the historically unique areas of Marble Canyon and the Paint Pots in nearby Kootenay National Park, each with a highlight of making maple taffy in the snow – definitely a Canadian classic. Dressing for winter is an obvious must but after walking around, the layers will soon come off while calories are surprisingly burnt. And of course, every snowshoe tour includes Banff hotel pickup – and hot chocolate to warm you up!

Snowshoeing Tour to Marble Canyon with Discover Banff Tours

Banff's Best Snowshoe Deals

Banff Snowshoeing Race with Discover Banff Tours
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Snowshoeing Tour to Paint Pots

Try one of the most memorable snowshoeing trails near Banff. This easy 3-kilometre trail takes you to the historical Paint
4 Hours

Snowshoe to Paint Pots

Our best snowshoe tour for beginners and families is to the Paint Pots – this trip starts on a bridge over Vermilion River below and is relatively flat the whole way through. Hike your way through the snow-blanketed forests as your guide explains the importance this place has had with the First Nations for over a thousand years. Plus, try a crazy carpet slide and feel the rush of snow on your face as you fly down the hill!

Banff Snowshoeing Tour

Snowshoe to Marble Canyon

Marble Canyon is a look back in geological time through what thousands of years’ worth of rushing glacial meltwater can carve rock into – smoothening it and creating holes, cracks, and craters. A series of bridges and platforms criss-cross their way over the Tokumn Creek below and serve as the trail throughout this tour. Impressively, a large flow of water finds its way into the creek bed – even in the coldest of months when no meltwater is percolating. Changes in the surrounding landscape can be seen in the charred forest around from recent forest fires, and our guides will explain the importance of these to the mountain ecology.

Snowshoeing to Marble Canyon

Snowshoes have been widely used in winter cultures around the world – many shapes and sizes have been developed from First Nations and European decedents, mainly made from animal hides and wood. The snowshoes we give you however, are a bit more modern, will fit your winter boot, and provide traction and surface area you’ll need to enjoy our Rocky Mountain winter trails. No winter boots? No problem! Just let us know your shoe size when booking and we’ll bring a pair for you – free of charge!

Which snowshoe tour will you join us on this winter?

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