2020 Wildlife Sightings in Banff
Jasper Wildlife Watching

Respect the Wildlife

While it’s a thrill to see wildlife in their natural surroundings, it is crucial to be respectful and not to encroach on their environment. Parks Canada has a helpful guide to safe wildlife viewing that is a must-read before you visit Banff.

You should never try to entice wildlife by offering food or imitating its call and posing with a wild animal puts you in danger. Keep your distance – if you cause an animal to move that means you are too close. Remember: these are wild animals and observing them in a safe way is better for your health as well as theirs!

Here’s a list of animals that we’ve spotted on our 2020 Evening Wildlife Safari*:

October 12: Elk, mule deer, white tail deer

October 10: Elk, mule deer, white tail deer

October 9: Mule deer, elk, white tail deer

October 8: Elk, mule deer, white tail deer

October 7: Elk, coyote, mule deer, white tail deer

October 5: Elk

October 4: Elk

October 3: Elk

October 2: White tail deer, elk

September 30: Elk

September 27: Elk

September 26: Elk

September 25: Elk, coyote, mule deer

September 24: Elk, bighorn sheep

September 23: Elk, mule deer

September 20: Wolf, elk

September 18: Elk

September 15: Elk, mule deer, bighorn sheep

September 12: Elk, deer

September 9: Elk

September 8: Elk, grizzly bear (Split Lip)

September 7: Elk, black bear

September 6: Grizzly bear, white tail deer, mule deer, elk, bighorn sheep

September 4: Bighorn sheep, elk

September 3: Bighorn sheep, elk, deer

September 2: Mule deer, white tail deer

August 27: Elk, bighorn sheep

August 26: Elk, bighorn sheep, mule deer

August 24: Elk, deer

August 22: Elk, mule deer, coyote

August 21: Elk, bighorn sheep

August 20: Elk

August 18: Cougar, bighorn sheep

August 17: Mule deer, white tail deer, elk, bighorn sheep, mother grizzly and cubs

August 16: Bighorn sheep

August 15: Bighorn sheep, bald eagle, white tail deer

August 14: Elk

August 12: Mule deer, elk

August 11: Mule deer, elk

August 10: Deer, coyote, elk

August 8: Deer, elk

August 7: Elk

August 6: Bighorn sheep

August 5: Herd of elk, bighorn sheep, deer

August 4: White tail deer, mule deer, bighorn sheep

August 3: Bighorn sheep, elk, white tail deer

August 2: Bighorn sheep, elk

August 1: Herd of elk, coyote, bighorn sheep, deer

July 30: Herd of elk, coyote, mule deer

July 29: Herd of elk

July 25: Elk

July 24: Mule deer, bighorn sheep, herd of elk, wolf

July 23: Bighorn sheep, herd of elk

July 20: Bighorn sheep, elk, mule deer, white tail deer

July 18: Elk, white tail deer, bighorn sheep

July 17: Mule deer and bighorn sheep mothers and lambs

July 16: Elk, mule deer, bighorn sheep

* List of sightings usually includes data collected from multiple vehicles, particularly during the peak summer months. This tour did not operate as frequently as usual due to the pandemic.


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