Our Sustainability Plan

Sustainability isn’t just about doing our part for the environment. It’s changing our entire business approach to how we work with our habitat, staff, and communities. Our team is taking action to advance the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with an ambitious agenda to tackle our 6 most important UN SDG’s.

We’ve achieved a number of milestones already, but we’re not stopping here.
We’ve got more work to do by 2030 with every goal measured along the way.

1. Our Environment

Our Commitment

It’s a privilege to host tours in nature. We believe we need to leave the Banff region better than we found it and contribute to conservation research, education, and environmental protection through our tours.

What We've Done So Far

  • Became a Carbon Neutral company in 2019
  • Reduction of GHG Emissions by 32% (12% above our 2028 goal!)
  • Staff Hoodoos viewpoint clean up
  • Implemented vehicle telematics and driver feedback to reduce fuel consumption,eliminate speeding, and improve safe driving
  • All tours contain an educational element regarding conservation of landscape,wildlife and the importance of national parks
  • Solar panel installation on two buildings and a reduction of 48.4% in electricity emissions since 2018

Further Actions Toward Goals

  • Update and increase in-house, online, educational materials on conservation, ecosystems, and animal populations.
  • Improve energy efficiency in all our buildings.
  • Initiate bi-annual staff clean-up days.
  • Continue to reduce paper consumption through digitization and process change
  • Additional solar installations
  • Electric vehicles for fleet case studies review

2. Our Community Building

Our Commitment

We believe our tours strengthen our connection to the land and people. We are focusing on educating our guests, contributing to Truth and Reconciliation, respecting wildlife, and making tours accessible to our local community.

What We've Done So Far

  • Discover Banff & its Wildlife offered through the Banff Ambassador training program to educate local staff
  • 45% discount offered on our tours for local residents
  • $5609 in transportation and 118 guided tours donated in 2023 to local organizations
  • Christmas food bank drive at our reservations store

Further Actions Toward Goals

  • Incorporate the history of Indigenous peoples and the traditional land in which we operate into training and onboarding programs.
  • Add and create access to skills-based training in intercultural competency for managers and staff.
  • Incorporate Indigenous Canada and/or other relevant courses into the staff training library for continued education.
  • Join the Banff Access Program to provide experiences to low-income residents

3. Our People

Our Commitment

We believe a healthy place to work is one that fosters holistic health including work-life balance, financial health, professional development, physical and mental health, inclusivity, and diversity.

What We've Done So Far

  • Health Benefits offered to all full-time staff
  • Bi-annual staff retreats re-implemented
  • Calendar of staff events/team building created and available to all staff.
  • Calendar of health focused events created and available to all staff.
  • Mechanic apprentice program offered.
  • All staff on above-average wages for the Bow Valley.
  • Library of in-house and external training available to all staff.
  • RRSP matching offered to all staff.
  • Conflict resolution training completed by management staff and offered to all

    other staff

  • Created a sustainability team to attendance at staff events.

Further Actions Toward Goals

  • Monitor wage trends to maintain at or above average wages for the Bow Valley.
  • Add training to onboarding to educate newbies on the full compensation package.
  • Expand our library of resources (inhouse and external) for professional


  • Offer financial management information to all staff.

To find out more about our Sustainability Strategy you can download a copy of our detailed plan.

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