What To Do In Banff In June
Feed wolfdogs on the interactive tour at the Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary near Banff in the Canadian Rockies

Looking for the best things to see and do in Banff in June?

In June the snow is melting, the lakes are thawing, and the rivers are filling. When Banff thaws, it comes alive and opens up so many possibilities. It’s also the perfect time to be outside! Now that you know that June is a great time to enjoy the outdoors in Banff, we want to prepare you for it. So, before we head into all the wonderful things to do in Banff in June, there are a few more important bits of information we want to share to answer some commonly asked questions.

See lakes and glaciers on the Icefields Parkway in the Canadian Rockies
Photo Credit: Parks Canada / Rogier Gruys

Like we said, June is a great time to visit Banff!

Banff really starts to show off in June, that’s why the crowds start coming! Early June is a little slower, but once you hit mid to late June, Banff is booming. When lakes like Lake Louise and Moraine Lake expose their beautiful turquoise color, it’s hard to resist coming to see.

There is a ton to do in Banff National Park in June

Warmer weather means even more possibilities when it comes to exploring Banff National Park. There are trails to hike, glacier lakes to see (Lake Louise and Moraine Lake), informational and adventurous tours to take, and so much more. If you want to do more than just see the stunning blue of the glacier lakes, you can rent a canoe and guide through its beauty to soak it all in.

It can still be a little chilly in Banff in June

Let’s not forget that we are talking about the weather in the Canadian Rockies in June–that means that it’s going to be a little different than typical summer weather. In general, the high temperature in Banff in June is around 19 ℃ but it can drop to as low as 5 ℃ at night.

You might see some rainy days

Rainy days come by pretty often in June, so you will most likely encounter one or two of them.  Don’t forget to pack a rain jacket and you’ll be all set!

Pack in light layers

A rain jacket is a great place to start (like mentioned above), especially because a rain jacket can be a great outer layer. Light layers are key to navigating temperatures in Banff in June. You can encounter some high temps, low temps, sunshine, and rain, so being able to adapt to each situation by adding or taking away a light layer will ensure that you are ready for anything Banff can throw at you!

Hiking is a great June activity in Banff

Heavier traffic starts to travel the Banff trails once June rolls around. June is the beginning of nice hiking weather and the glacier lakes have thawed which means great hiking temperatures and even better hiking views. Note that some trails might still be a little muddy and mountaintops will still have snow, so if you are visiting in early June, you might want to focus on lower altitude hiking.

Hiking in Banff and Lake Louise

Now let’s hop into all of the other things to do in Banff in June! 

1. Meet wolfdogs up close at Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary

Calling all animal lovers! Located just an hour from Banff (and conveniently about halfway between Banff and Calgary), the non-profit Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary offers a range of tours to learn about wolfdogs. From a self guided tour around the sanctuary that allows you to learn from informational signage, and see the packs of wolfdogs from outside of their enclosure at your own pace to a small-group interactive tour that takes you inside two enclosures to interact, learn, and experience the wolfdogs by being up close and personal.

The interactive tour allows you to feed wolfdogs at the Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary near Banff in the Canadian Rockies
Photo Credit: Travel Alberta / AV Wakefield

2. See and touch the World Famous Glacier—The Columbia Icefields

You can’t see a glacier like this every day, and June is a wonderful time to see it because it just opened back up! You can adventure on the cold glacier and down Columbia Icefields Parkway while the moderate to warm Jasper weather in June greets you during your adventures. It means you can experience the cold without having to feel it (well, mostly, it is a glacier after all). Taking a tour down the Parkway is a great way to actually take in the views from the drive, see everything with the expert knowledge of a guide, and the comfort of the Ice Explorer which is made for this kind of terrain.

Stand on the ancient Athabasca Glacier on the Columbia Icefields Parkway Tour with Discover Banff Tours in the Canadian Rockies
Photo Credit: Travel Alberta / Mike Seehagel

3. Catch some sky-high views on a Banff helicopter ride

Keen to see more of the backcountry? While it’s hard to get back there in June, that doesn’t mean that June isn’t a good time to see it. This might leave you wondering how you can see it—with a Banff helicopter ride! This stunning flight can take you as far as the famous Mt. Assiniboine and right over the glacier. If you are looking for a truly unique Canadian Rockies experience, you can take a helicopter flight up to 7,000′ for a guided alpine hike or a private flight just for two with a scenic stopover. The Rockies aren’t the only views that get better from a bird’s-eye-view, the Columbia Icefields in Jasper is also known to drop some jaws.

Alpine Heli Tour flying over Lake Gloria

4. See the world-famous Lake Louise and Moraine Lake

With the access road to Moraine Lake reopening in late May, June is the perfect time to visit both Lake Louise and Moraine Lake. They will both be freshly thawed and beaming a brilliant turquoise color. Both lakes have a very limited amount of parking that usually fills up by sunrise, so the best option is to save yourself the hassle and see both lakes on one convenient tour from your hotel in Banff. Daily tours run in the morning and afternoon with a 30-minute stop at each lake, as well as a special evening tour when the crowds have left for the day.

See Lake Louise with Discover Banff Tours

The best Banff activities in June

Family friendly rafting rapids on the Kananaskis River in the Rockies
Family Fun

Kananaskis Whitewater Rafting

Get ready for awesome Banff Rafting!  You'll get splashed by the frothy swells of the rushing river but it won’t
4 Hours
Class 4 rafting rapids fun on the Horseshoe Canyon in the Canadian Rockies
Limited Space

Horseshoe Canyon Whitewater Rafting

Calling all adventure lovers - there’s no better way to get the adrenaline flowing than big waves! Jump into this
4 Hours

Kicking Horse River Classic Whitewater Rafting

The Kicking Horse River is the Ultimate Canadian Rockies Rafting with thrilling whitewater rafting with predominantly Class 4 rapids. What
9:15am, 1:15pm
3 Hours

Icefields Helicopter Tours

See the Canadian Rockies on our spectacular Icefield helicopter tours with breathtaking views of glaciers, icefalls, waterfalls, alpine lakes and
Throughout the day
20 Mins, 30 Mins, 55 Mins

Private Summer Sightseeing Tours

Looking for a new way to tour with your friends or family? Book a private sightseeing tour of Banff National
5 Hours
All Ages

Private Banff Heli Sightseeing

Located on the south west border of Banff National Park, Marvel Pass has long been a favourite spot for that
Throughout the day
55 Mins

Via Ferrata Skyline - 4.5-5 Hours

The Skyline Route includes an exciting high traverse on a sheer rock wall, a scenic ridgecrest trail walk and an “airy”
9:00am, 10:30am
4.5-5 Hours

Private Banff Heli & Hike

The ultimate private hiking experience! Take a scenic helicopter flight to a secluded area high above the Bow River Valley
9:30am, 1:00pm
3 Hours

Horseback Ride - Spray River 1 Hr

Our guides will lead you past roaring Bow Falls where you will cross the tranquil Spray River, followed by a
Throughout the day
1 Hour
Via Ferrata Ridgewalker Route at Banff Mt Norquay
Most Popular

Via Ferrata Ridgewalker - 3.5-4 Hours

To get a greater feel of heights, exposure and the full Via Ferrata experience, become a Ridgewalker on this half-day
Throughout the day
4 Hours
Cross a wire bridge on Mount Norquay's Via Ferrata Skyline Route in Banff in the Canadian Rockies
Limited Space

Via Ferrata Summiteer - 6 Hours

The Summiteer tops out at the highest point of the via ferrata and traverses an alpine ridge crossing a 3-wire
8:30am, 9:30am
6 Hours

Via Ferrata Explorer - 2-2.5 Hours

Step out of your comfort zone and join your guide on the mountain on the Explorer Route climbing up to
Throughout the day
2.5 Hours

Horseback Ride - Sulphur Mtn 4 Hrs

A half day ride that gives you a scenic introduction into the quiet backcountry of Banff National Park.   From
4 Hours
Most Popular

Canmore Helicopter Tours

A once in a lifetime experience to fly over mountain peaks, alpine meadows, pristine lakes and to the “Matterhorn of
Throughout the day
25 Mins, 35 Mins, 45 Mins
See turquoise Moraine Lake and the Valley of Ten Peaks on the Lake Louise and Moraine Lake Tour with Discover Banff Tours
Most Popular

Lake Louise & Moraine Lake

See two of the world’s most beautiful lakes including the iconic Lake Louise—famous for its jewel-like water nestled between rugged
7:00am, 8:00am, 1:00pm, 3:00pm
4.25 Hours

5. Enjoy a horseback ride in Banff

If ground-based activities are more your thing, Banff’s horseback rides are the perfect thing to do in Banff in June. With nicer weather and fresh summer views, it is a great way to see the gorgeous Banff scenery. With a convenient location right near downtown Banff, it is easy for riders to find and experience these wonderful Alberta trail rides. As the days grow warmer, try a ride that crosses the Bow River – your horse might even decide to cool itself off by splashing water onto its belly!

Horseback ride through the Spray River

6. Experience Banff lakes and rivers

As the lakes and rivers fully thaw in June, it’s the perfect time to soak in the scenery from the water. There are almost infinite ways to do this– whether it’s a lake cruise on Banff’s largest lake, canoeing, paddleboarding, scenic floats, or whitewater rafting. There is no shortage of ways to soak up all the beauty that Banff lakes have to offer, and June is a great time to jump in (well, maybe not literally, depends the day)!

Take a fun SUP group tour in Banff
Photo Credit: Victoria Wakefield @hike365

7. Try rocking climbing in Banff

Looking for an extra thrill? One of the most popular Banff summer activities is experiencing Banff’s mountains by climbing them, and one of the most popular destinations is the Banff Via Ferrata. Experienced climbers might have their own equipment, knowledge, and skill to scale the mountain on their own, but you don’t have to be an expert. There are guided options, short and long, for climbing Mount Norquay’s Via Ferrata that gives you the opportunity to climb a mountain while safely secured with a harness and a professional guide. So whether you’re a newbie or an expert, there’s an ideal rock climbing option in Banff for you!

 Is your time in Banff extending into July? Check out our recommendations for What To Do in Banff in July.

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Have More Questions About Travelling to Banff in June? We have Answers.

Is June a good time to visit Banff?

Yes, June is when travel begins to pick up, but the busiest months are July and August. That being said, June is a great time to take advantage of off-peak rates and warm weather. It is also a good time to see the Banff Lakes thawed before each destination gets too crowded and the weather in Banff continues to grow warmer.

Are lakes thawed in Banff in June?

Most lakes in Banff National Park fully thawed in June, including Lake Louise, although the famous turquoise colour is best viewed in July and August.

Is Moraine Lake open in June?

Moraine Lake is open in June and can be accessed by self-driving or on a small group public tour. Please remember that parking is extremely limited at this popular lake. That being said, it can be an easier option to book a tour so that you do not have to worry about parking since it is usually full by sunrise. These morning and afternoon tours are great options.

How far are Lake Louise and Moraine Lake?

Moraine Lake is 14km from Lake Louise, with limited parking at each lake. It is possible to self-drive between the two lakes, however joining a tour guarantees you can see both lakes.

Are there helicopter tours over Banff?

Scenic helicopter flights depart 20 minutes from Banff in Canmore and fly over scenic locations in Banff National Park including mountain peaks, alpine meadows, and pristine lakes. There are many Banff helicopter rides that you can choose from.

What is the weather like in Banff in June?

The weather can be a little unpredictable, especially in early June. You might encounter sun, rain, heat, and cold, all within a few days. The average high temperature in Banff in June is around 19 ℃ but it can drop to as low as 5 ℃ at night. So, overall, you will most likely experience nicer weather but be prepared for it to vary from day to day.