What To Do in Banff in March
Johnston Canyon Evening Icewalk with Discover Banff Tours

The best things to do in Banff in March and what you need to know

While searching for the perfect way to spend time in Banff in March, we’re going to answer some of the top questions travelers always ask us about what it’s like traveling in Banff in March.

What’s Banff weather like in March? 

February might mark the official end of winter, but the weather in Banff in March doesn’t always listen! There’s still plenty of sub-zero temperatures ranging from -5°C to 3°C (23°F to 37°F) and occasionally falling below -20°C (-4°F). With scattered snow showers, it’s the perfect time for activities such as skiing, snow tubing, winter hikes, stargazing, and more.

Yes! Banff typically has snow in March 

You won’t have to miss out on any of the stunning snow-covered rivers, mountains, hikes, and classic locations because Banff will still be under a blanket of sparkling snow.  

What to wear in Banff this time of year 

Since you won’t be getting that sense of Spring while in Banff at this time of year, you’ll want to wear many layers. Make sure to bring a winter jacket, a warm hat, gloves, and boots that will keep those toes warm and dry. With all of those bases covered, nothing will stop you from enjoying everything Banff has to offer in March!

Now that you know what to expect from the March weather in Banff, you are all set to dive into the memories you can make! 

The Top 6 Things To Do In Banff, Canada in March

1. Ski at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort

Some incredible ski resorts are at Banff’s doorstep in British Columbia, and our ski shuttles to Kicking Horse Mountain Resort are affordable and accessible, and include return transportation from Banff. Did we mention that BC is typically around 10 degrees warmer than Banff? Stay in Banff, ski, in BC.

Kicking Horse Mountain Resort Powder Express Shuttle from Banff which is still a great thing to do in March
Photo Credit: Resorts of the Canadian Rockies (RCR)

2. See frozen falls under the stars on the Johnston Canyon Trail

One of the top questions we are always asked is, “can you hike in Banff in March?” The answer is… absolutely! There are so many great options that are perfect for a March hike!

With little to no light pollution, Banff National Park is the perfect place for stargazing. The Johnston Canyon Evening Icewalk® can take you on a small group hike led by a friendly guide who will share stories of the canyon and use their powerful uplights to show off the glittering pillars of ice. Turn off your headlamp (included) on the return walk to properly appreciate the night sky! You can also visit these frozen falls during the day! The Johnston Canyon Icewalk® daytime tour can walk you along steel catwalks built into the canyon walls all the way to the iconic frozen Johnston Canyon upper falls, with airy views into the icy gorge below. Located just 30 minutes from Banff, inside of Banff National Park, Johnston Canyon is a great hiking option! 

Banff Evening Icewalks at Night with Discover Banff Tours in Johnston Canyon

3. Go Banff tubing in the province’s largest tube park

Looking for a fun outing for the whole family or just the young at heart? Located just a 10-minute drive from the Town of Banff, Mount Norquay is home to Alberta’s largest tube park with eight lanes of Norquay tubing fun. Grab an inflatable tube, ride up the magic carpet and then fling yourself down the snowy hill.

Mt Norquay Snowtubing near Banff National Park

The best Banff activities in March

Banff Mt Norquay - Tubing

It’s time for a downhill thrill of a different kind! Jump on an inflatable snow tube and hold on tight
10:00am, 1:30pm, 5:00pm
2.5 Hours

Grotto Canyon Icewalk

Explore the icy beauty of Canada on the Grotto Canyon Icewalk.   The Grotto Canyon Icewalk is a hike on
4 Hours

Johnston Canyon Evening Icewalk

Watch the frozen waterfalls shimmer as you take a Johnston Canyon night walk in quiet darkness beneath the stars. The
6:30pm, 7:30pm
2.5 Hours

4. Hike through a canyon on a frozen creek bed in the Grotto Canyon

This morning tour—The Grotto Canyon Icewalk is a bit of a local’s secret, and you won’t find any crowds here. You can strap on your ice cleats over your winter boots and walk on a frozen creek through the canyon for a truly unique view of the Grotto Canyon. The most extraordinary part of the experience might just be the ancient native pictographs that are easily missed by the general public. The symbols you’ll see have many meanings and origins and you will learn more about First Nations history in the Bow Valley. But that’s not all— the finale will take you to three frozen falls where you’ll stop for hot chocolate and maple cookies (and keep an eye out, you might just see ice climbers scaling the 30-metre pillars of ice)!

Wear ice cleats on a frozen creek bed on a Grotto Canyon Icewalk in the Canadian Rockies with Discover Banff Tours

5. Stargaze from Sulphur Mountain after taking the Banff Gondola

The Banff Gondola at Sulphur Mountain is Banff’s most popular attraction, but did you know that in winter you can stargaze at 7,500 feet? On Friday and Saturday evenings the Alpenglow Festival gives you the chance to see the rose-coloured glow on the surrounding snow-capped peaks as the sun descends and then marvel at the dark skies and luminous stars. This event is included with regular admission and includes live music, s’mores, rooftop firepits, and professional telescopes.

Banff gondola evening views from Sulphur Mountain
Photo Credit: Chris Amat / Pursuit Banff Jasper Collection

6. See the top attractions in Banff with locals

Looking for the perfect introduction to Banff National Park? Let us show you some of our favourite attractions in Banff (where you can get the best photos), while we keep our eyes peeled for wildlife and share stories of Banff’s history with you. The  Discover Banff & Its Wildlife Tour takes you to places such as Banff National Park’s largest lake, a waterfall, and several scenic lookouts, and leaves plenty of time for an afternoon of skiing, or taking a Banff Icewalk or snowshoeing tour.

Lake Louise is an additional must-see in Banff. It’s turquoise colour will stun you and the mountain peaks that surround it leave you in awe. A Lake Louise Tour is sure to leave you with time to soak up the view without missing anything. 

Hoodoos viewpoint winter photos with Discover Banff Tours

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Got more questions about Banff in March? We have answers.


Is there snow in Banff in March?

There’s plenty of sub-zero weather and snowy fun in Banff in March. It’s the perfect time for activities such as skiing, snow tubing, winter hikes, stargazing and more.

Is Kicking Horse good for beginner skiers?

Featuring abundant soft snow and high alpine terrain, Kicking Horse Mountain Resort is best suited for intermediate to advanced skiers and is known for its interesting and technical terrain.

How far is Kicking Horse from Banff?

Kicking Horse Mountain Resort is located in Golden, British Columbia, approximately 2 hours drive and 145 kilometers west of Banff.

What should I not miss in Banff?

Top sightseeing spots in Banff include Banff’s largest lake, Lake Minnewanka, the Surprise Corner viewpoint overlooking the ‘Castle in the Rockies’ and Bow Falls.

Should I visit the Banff Gondola in March?

From late January to mid-March, stargaze at 7,500 feet during the Alpenglow Festival at the Banff Gondola with live music, s’mores, telescopes and firepits on Fridays and Saturdays evenings.

Can you hike Grotto Canyon in winter?

Grotto Canyon is an easy 4.2km hike, although ice cleats are recommended in winter. The canyon is publicly accessible or join a small group guided icewalk.

Is there tubing in Banff?

Alberta’s largest tube park is located at Mt Norquay Ski Resort, a 10 minute drive from downtown Banff. For ages 4 and up, it’s the perfect winter family activity.